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We are Vorne – and we are absolutely passionate about manufacturing improvement. Actually, that may be an understatement. We are passionate about manufacturing in all its shapes and sizes. It’s in our DNA. Our goal is to make it exceptionally easy for you to achieve unprecedented improvements in manufacturing productivity.

We are based in Chicago and have been in business since 1970. Like you – we are manufacturers. We started out as manufacturers of custom control systems for packaging machinery. We built on that experience by creating a standard product line featuring counters and rate monitors. Before long we added digital and alphanumeric displays – including large area displays. We also designed a state-of-the-art production monitoring system as an OEM product for one of the leading companies in the printing industry.

Our goal is to make it exceptionally easy for you to achieve unprecedented improvements in manufacturing productivity.

For the new millennium, we married all these ideas together to create a totally integrated “bolt-on” production monitoring and performance management system – complete with operator scoreboards and real-time OEE. Today our flagship product is the XL Productivity Appliance™. It is used in over 25,000+ installations in 45+ countries.

We are also thought leaders on manufacturing improvement. Our articles have been published in a wide range of trade journals. Our manufacturing improvement materials are used by many organizations – of all sizes and in numerous sectors. And we are regularly invited to speak at both public and private conferences. That includes some super-secret ones that are by invitation only!

We created this website for you. We want you to achieve unprecedented improvements in your manufacturing productivity. Ideas are powerful and our goal is to present you with the most powerful ideas. We seek out the very best improvement tools and processes, distill them down to their essence, and present them to you. Easy. Practical. Real.

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We love questions and we love to help. We also love to provide fresh perspectives – to trigger brilliant flashes of insight. To create change that improves your world.

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