Cookie Policy


As with many companies, our websites and emails use standard technologies referred to as “cookies” and “beacons”.

  • A cookie is a small data file that is transferred to your computer (when you allow your browser to accept cookies). Cookies are used to identify your web browser whenever you visit a site and may be used to analyze site traffic, improve page content, and provide a better browsing experience.
  • A beacon is an electronic image placed in a web page or email. Beacons are generally used to provide a notification when web pages are loaded and when emails are opened.

Managing Cookies

If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, you can opt-out of providing this information by adjusting cookie settings in your browser. Your browser controls allow you to refuse some or all cookies, as well as delete existing cookies from your machine. Please refer to your browser's privacy or help documentation for more information about how to block or disable cookies in your browser.

Users located in the European Union will also have the option of disabling cookies through the onsite banner that will appear when first visiting our websites.

Type of Cookies and Information Collected

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Necessary: These cookies are required for the operation of our sites. They are not used to track your activity or collect information about you. We recommend that you do not turn these cookies off as this may limit your ability to view and navigate our sites.
  • Statistics: These cookies are used to collect anonymous or pseudonymized information about how visitors use our websites. They recognize and count website visitors and help us see how visitors reach and move around our websites. This helps us ensure that users are able to easily find what they are looking for, and to identify errors. Information collected by statistics cookies is not used to identify you.
  • Marketing: These cookies are used to store or facilitate storage of personally identifiable information. For example, this is used to track and record the pages you have visited, the links you have clicked, and which types of content are most relevant to you.

If you choose to receive marketing emails or newsletters from Vorne, we use web beacons and personalized URLs to track that you’ve opened the message and to identify any clicked links within those messages. This allows Vorne to optimize future communications and limit these communications to subjects that are of interest to you. You will not receive these communications if you have opted-out of receiving marketing materials from us (every marketing email includes an opt-out option in the email footer).

Cookie Duration

The length of time that a cookie remains on your machine will depend on whether they are session or persistent cookies.

  • Session Cookies: Remain in place only for the duration of your visit. They are deleted at the end of your browsing session.
  • Persistent Cookies: Remain in place for a period of time after you leave our website. How long the cookie remains on your machine will depend on the “lifetime” of the specific cookie as well as your browser settings. You can also manually delete these cookies.

Key Third Party Providers

The following third-party providers may utilize cookies or beacons:

  • Google Analytics: Used by Vorne to provide anonymous aggregated web traffic analysis.
  • Google Tag Manager: Used by Vorne to deploy web analytics and measurement tag configurations.
  • Microsoft Dynamics: Used by Vorne to track and record how users interact with our email and web content.
  • Wistia: Used by Vorne to host and play our video content.

This information was last updated on August 3, 2021.


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